Frequently Asked Questions


Are your buildings kits?

No, our buildings are custom designed and built on your lot.


Do your prices include the building foundation?

All storage buildings are priced with the standard floor system, including up to 18" of leveling. All garages are priced with the 3000 psi monolithic slab, but due to varying site conditions, leveling of the area is an additional expense, and we will be glad to schedule a site survey to estimate additional grade work expenses.
* Cabins are not priced with the block foundation. We are capable of installing masonry foundations for our buildings, but we can only price them after a thorough site inspection.


Can I change the foundation type, like put a storage building on a slab?

Yes, we want you to have a building you can use as you see fit. If you want a slab for your storage building, or a masonry foundation and wooden floor for your wood working shop, we can make those changes.


Who pulls the permit? Are the fees included in the price of the building?

We pull the building permit. As a state licensed contractor, we bear the responsibility of acquiring the building permit. We do not charge a fee for pulling the permit; however due to the varying cost of building permits from county to county, we do not include the permits cost in the price of our buildings and it will be billed separately.


Can you make changes in your lot models?

Absolutely, anything can be changed from Door and Window type and placement to size and roof pitch. Nothing is off limits when it comes to customization.


Why don't you include grade work?

We don't include grade work in our lot model prices or our buildings priced before a site survey simply because the conditions are unknown at that time. Buildings priced after a site visit will include a comprehensive estimate of additional grade work expense.


Can you match the vinyl/ brick/ shingles on my home?

In most situations, yes. Unfortunately, companies that make these products do discontinue the products from time to time and in those situations, we may not be able to get an exact match, but instead find a substitute that is satisfactory.


How long does it take to build?

Construction times vary based on the site.

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